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BDC 317 : Jun 2024


Next-gen digital showhome sees buyers spend 10 times longer on newbuild marketing sites

Transformative new digital showhome software, launched today, will bring newbuild sales into the 21st Century and allow housebuilders to get ready for the expectations of post-COVID buyers. The HomeSelector, developed by award winning PropTech company, Pixel, allows potential buyers to browse newbuild projects online.  Buyers can virtually walk through each property with and without furnishings, walk around the streets of the development, see birds-eye perspectives of plots and floorplans, compare and shortlist multiple properties, and click to reserve a house before they’ve had a chance to visit the site in person. In a pre-launch commercial trial, Pixels HomeSelector saw buyers spend ten times longer, on average, engaging and interacting with properties than before the software was integrated to the homebuilder’s site. The longer buyers were engaged, the more likely they were to buy, which was reflected in dramatically increased newbuild sales during the pilot. Steve Smith, Director at Pixel, says, “These days people expect to be able to view, reserve and buy almost any trivial item online.  But when it comes to the most important purchasing decision of your life, buying a home, the sales process is really antiquated.  “As a result of the pandemic, more and more people are looking to move further afield, so visiting sites and viewing showhomes in person is not always practical or even possible.  Housebuilders are no doubt aware of this change in buyer behaviour, and Pixel’s HomeSelector gives them the opportunity to get ready for this new era of house buying. “But it’s more than that, it’s an opportunity for firms to make a long overdue quantum leap in how they do things.  Pixel’s HomeSelector is more than just a new piece of software, this is the Netflix to the traditional showhome’s Blockbuster.” Pixel’s HomeSelector software is fast loading, intuitive and adaptable, to augment existing sites seamlessly. To find out more or request a demo, visit,

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