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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

Josef Brunner


Relayr and learnd have joined forces to provide businesses across the UK with an innovative new concept that transforms the way systems within a building are managed and maintained. Learnd, which launched its ‘Building Performance as a Service’ offering in early 2020, will integrate relayr’s capability with its own extensive domain expertise to create better buildings for customers – and it’s a pledge which is backed up by powerful insurance partner HSB. For example, through partnership with relayr and HSB, learnd will be able to guarantee retail customers that their stores are offering maximum shopper comfort or guarantee a hospital that the conditions on its wards are optimised for patient care. “At HSB, we’re excited to be part of bringing this level of assurance, guaranteeing peak performance, to commercial property owners and occupants,” says John B. Riggs, Senior Vice President of HSB Applied Technology Solutions. Learnd’s Building Performance as a Service offering is suitable for any sector that operates commercial premises including critical infrastructure, healthcare, retail, education, government and business offices. relayr’s expertise in the digitisation of assets will provide the support for learnd’s capabilities by adding data processing and data analytics, combined with business enablement. CEO and learnd co-founder, John Clifford, explains: “Our partnership brings together the best IoT solutions from relayr, insurance products from HSB and our market-leading subject matter expertise within buildings, to achieve something that has never been done before. “Learnd’s customers will have absolute certainty that their buildings will perform as they need them to, whilst actually spending less over the long term. The guaranteed outcomes approach means organisations can focus on their core activities – whether that’s teaching children or healing people, 100% confident that learnd will make their buildings better.” Josef Brunner, relayr CEO, adds: “This partnership between relayr and learnd is a visionary yet highly practical move, combining relayr’s digitisation skills and learnd’s experience in industry. It allows learnd to deliver their innovative ‘Building Performance as a Service’ offering – driving a step change in the buildings industry that is long-overdue.” Relayr’s manufacturing customers are already using relayr’s solutions to build pay per use business models, now more businesses and more industries can follow in their footsteps. For more information visit:  and

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