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BDC 317 : Jun 2024


Update to LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 is coming soon

In a letter to industry last week, the Fire Protection Association announced a new change within the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BS EN 12845, clause 12.4.2. due to be issued very soon. A recent trend from within the industry has highlighted a practice that leads to inconsistencies in design and installation of sprinkler systems that exponentially compromises the effectiveness and speed of sprinkler head activation. Details of the changes are outlined in the letter to industry, issued by the Fire Protection Association’s Principal Consultant and RISCAuthority Active Sprinkler Rules Working Group convenor, Dale Kinnersley. The update is expected to be released at the end of June. All customers who have a copy of the Sprinkler Rules, either print or digital, will be provided with the updates. Read the full letter to industry here. To purchase a copy of the LPC Sprinkler rules, please visit their website.

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