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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

Lubron UK

New Managing Director Announced at the Water Treatment Company Lubron UK

A new Managing Director was announced at the Water Treatment company Lubron UK. Mark Hadaway will replace Joe Austin who was founder and head of the company for more than 20 years. Hadaway joined the company in January 2016 in the role of UK Sales Manager. After graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mark Hadaway has gained industry experience from time working at a variety of different companies inculding Veolia Water, BAC Balticare and Clearwater Technology. Joe Austin was the original founder of the water technology company Aquaflow Systems, which he ran from his garden shed in Colchester. Several years later a European company offered to purchase the company and a short time later Lubron UK was born as part of the larger Lubron Europe name. Although being a large European company spread across four culturally different countries the people at Lubron aim to provide the best service. The new rebranding and solid ethos of the company has brought the companies from the different countries closer together. As one of the Market Leaders, Lubron claims to mix scientists, engineers and administrators in order to provide the best service for their customers. Lubron Europe was founded in 1978 and was managed by Luc Braams. The company now works in The UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The turnover of company on a whole is €14 million. The current CEO of Lubron Europe is Rob Braams, who became a part of the company his father created in the 1980s and focuses of high standards of customer service and sustaining customer relations. Although Joe Austin has no intention of completely retiring just yet, Mark Hadaway will take the lead and management side of the company. Austin intends on stepping back from the management side of the company and focusing more on the chemistry.

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