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BDC 317 : Jun 2024


The Power of Ownership, LuxPalace puts its stamp on holiday real estate

In a world where rewards are granted for hard work, LuxPalace Black Sea offers this and ownership of an amazing destination. Location Positioned in the allure of mesmerising Black Sea, LuxPalace is the perfect place to live your memorable & well-earned vacation time. Whether it is at the pool, the dead sea spa or at the casino, luxury and elegance magically come together, allowing you to experience an exclusive lifestyle. Built in the beautiful European city of Odessa. Odessa is set to impress and indulge the senses. It’s waterfront location puts it in a prime spot for visiting and enjoying the Black Sea. It offers fine dining experiences from around the world, exciting nightlife, sandy beaches that feel like heaven, a rich culture that will broaden your horizons, fascinating history, and attractions to enrich our guests’ stay. Odessa is second to none and lets our guests dial in to every wish and need they have, Odessa is set to provide it with style. A Pursuit for Perfection Nowadays luxury hotels are famous for their guests’ high standards, but they also have to keep in mind that they are offering a product that needs to meet high standards. Excellence, as a philosophy, is the pursuit of perfection and LuxPalace delivers the highest standards Luxury destinations can offer. To cater every need, LuxPalace offers a wide variety of state of the art facilities – the luxurious swimming pool, fine dining restaurants and casual dining spots, VIP cinema, fitness center, dead sea spa and much more. Nothing has been spared to provide the best. The design & build for LuxPalace has the best engineers, architects and contractors on board. Suppliers have been carefully chosen to provide the highest quality for all areas. Vacation Ownership Vacation ownership is a membership offer provided by LuxPalace to enjoy a weeks’ vacation every year for a lifetime. Your hard work can be rewarded and what better place than a week every year at Lux Palace. This deserved vacation will truly be enjoyed at LuxPalace.  Your luxurious lifetime vacation can be yours for the nominal price of 15,000$. A lifetimes immersive experience for an amazing price, without any doubt.  The vacation ownership will be given to the buyer, but the actual property will belong to the hotel only; the buyer can just access the membership for a week once every year. You may not get the same room every time you visit, but all the rooms have five-star facilities with maximum comfort. This ownership can be transferred to someone else as well, but first, you will have to contact LuxPalace. In a nutshell, your vacation ownership at LuxPalace is completely worth the investment, and you must not wait any longer to make your vacations even more luxurious and fun.

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