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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

Paul Newby

Use of BIM on Queensferry Crossing and BIM at Explore Offsite Infrastructure

The construction industry has used centuries-old processes in order to manage their projects. The industry appeared to have been left behind by the advances in technology until recently, and with construction getting more and more complex and demanding while the expectation is for faster execution. Building Information Modelling, or BIM is helping to make a shift in the construction industry towards the adopting technology, by industrialising construction and helping to set up offsite assembly lines for manufacturing modules that then simply be assembled on-site by a leaner construction team. BIM offers the opportunity for the construction industry to expand and it is important that all companies in the supply chain work together to make the most of these advances and the possibilities that are created. Using BIM extends beyond the planning and design phase of the project and can be used throughout the building lifecycle, offering support for processes such as cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation. There is a constant challenge in the construction industry to deliver successful projects despite the tight budgets, limited manpower and accelerated schedules as well as limited or conflicting information offered for a project. The use of BIM helps these challenges by delivering collision detection at an initial stage while also identifying the exact location of any discrepancies on a project. Taking pace on the 5th December at the NEC in Birmingham is the Explore Offsite Infrastructure. At this event, Paul Newby and Gordon Cullen of SES Engineering Services, who have created a BIM Integrated Manufacturing with Remote Assembly on the iconic Queensferry crossing project. Phil and Gordon will be discussing their BIM Integrated Manufacturing processes while working on such an iconic project. The event will also include an outstanding speaker line up such as Phil Wilbraham, the Development Director for Heathrow Airport and Steven Kaye, the Head of Innovation at Anglian Water.

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