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BDC 317 : Jun 2024


Featuring SCA Group: Interview with Garry Dow, Safety Health, Environment and Quality Manager

Beginning as a local scaffolding company just over fifteen years ago, and mainly servicing local construction sites in various restoration and renovation works, SCA Group targeted the lucrative ship-building industry and has since achieved national acclaim. Now firmly established as the UK’s leading scaffolding contractor to the ship repair industry, the company is contracted to be the sole supplier of scaffolding services to the A&P Group and to BAE Systems Surface Ships, and continues to work on restoration, renovation and new build projects. Scaffolding remains amongst the most high risk equipment in the construction industry and its failure represents the real risk of fatality. Effective delivery of the service then requires keen attention to detail in erection, maintenance and operation, and it’s in health and safety that SCA Group stands out. Despite operating in a number of different sectors and working on a diverse range of projects, the company retains a clear health and safety policy throughout. From initial installation, through to continuous support and maintenance, SCA Group’s committed health and safety taskforce carries out complex site management programmes and site visits while assisting with external and internal audits. It’s with a strong on site presence that the company is able to ensure the quality and safety of its various services. Complemented by the use of remote monitoring software, its hands-on approach enables SCA Group to promote a positive health and safety culture from the bottom up. It also represents the opportunity to consult with those installing and working on the scaffolding and identify areas for praise as well as concern. As Garry Dow, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager at SCA Group explains, “Some of the best feedback you can get is from the operatives themselves. They know the machinery, they know the situation on site, and they have first-hand experience of any issues that have arisen. The team are therefore the go-to when it comes to determining areas for improvement and developing strategies for implementation.” The company extends this attentiveness when partnering with contractors and suppliers and, in doing so, is able to grant ultimate safety and security. With the highest of expectations, and unwilling to compromise on the health and safety of its operatives, SCA Group is discerning when it comes to the selection of partners and materials. The team are similarly observant during projects; most recently, an SCA operative recently received an award for preventing a potentially fatal accident, having noticed a third party’s negligent conduct. With continuous development programmes aimed at all levels of the staff infrastructure, SCA Group maintains the knowledge and skill of its team and reiterates the importance of health and safety. Association membership has been invaluable in supporting that esteem; with registry under the SMAS Scheme, SCA Group been able to assess further market sectors as well as offer an added level of reassurance to existing clients. As a result of its association membership, close monitoring and robust health safety policy, the company has produced exemplary Accident Statistics year-on-year, which are approximately 30% better than national average as published by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC). Accident free for three years, the company also boasts accreditation to OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. An expanding yet determinedly clear-sighted company, SCA Group continues to exceed customer expectations: providing an indisputably considerate service. And with a strict philosophy of health and safety cascaded throughout all levels of the business, SCA Group maintains an exceptionally high level of safety and is setting the bar for others to follow.

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