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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

Taylor Swift

Local Music Being Supported by a Timber and Building Supplies Company

Local music is being supported by a Timber and Building Supplies company in order to try and discover the next big artist. Howarth Timber and Building Supplies has said that they are offering their support for the Local Music Live scheme. The aim is to find Britain’s next big artist by giving new artists an opportunity to perform live on air. Local Music Live is an initiative that combines local community stations and larger commercial ones in order to play unsigned artists. One of the larger stations that has been named as involved in the scheme is Rock FM Lancashire and the Lincs FM group. Other stations known to be involved in the Local Music initiative is Fix Radio, which operates in London. The plan behind the scheme is to give local artists the opportunity to have their music played live on air and encourage the local talent. The ideal result of the Local Music Live campaign is the discovery of the next Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, however the main aim is to get commercial, DAB and community radio to work together as part of a larger initiative in order to showcase local musical talent. Howarth Timber and Building Supplies are showing their support for the initiative and will also be involved in the process of deciding who gets played on the radio. The plan for the Local Music Live campaign is for the different branches of Howarth Timber will be choosing the best act form their area. The Local Music Live and Howarth Timber’s favourite acts will then be given a larger platform on which to showcase their music. The overall winning artist or band from the initiative will be awarded with the opportunity to record their music at Redwall Studios which is in Greater Manchester as well as being given the chance to create a music video for one of their tracks.

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