A Decline in the Steel Industry


Reports from all over the world are showing a decline in the steel industry. The dream was for China and India to power global steel production, creating a countless amount of steel, however it appears that the demand for steel has not only decreased throughout the world, but people may stop needing it completely.

This will have a major impact on workers in the steel industry, and according to Business Insider, China’s steel industry has a big and growing debt problem, which may be linked to this decline.

As per Macquarie “The whole steel sector is struggling and no one can be insulated. The sector is facing increasing pressure on funding as banks have been tightening lending to the sector — both loans and the financing provided for steel and raw material stockpiles,”.

Unless the volume decreases or a demand for steel increases, things are looking pretty bad.

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  • Capacity
  • Production value
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Gross margin
  • Market share

Later on it examines the upstream raw materials, downstream marker and the current market dynamics of the Steel Wire Rope Industry.

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