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Home security is a low priority for Brits this winter

Despite an alarming increase in home burglaries over the winter months, additional home security is not a high priority for UK homeowners.

New research from Toolstation, the trade and DIY supplier, has revealed that home security is a low priority for Brits, with only 13% viewing the installation of either security lighting, a burglar alarm or exterior locks as a top priority in the list of things to do around the home.

In fact, for almost half of Brits increasing home security doesn’t make the top three! UK homeowners have rated fitting draught excluders as more important than upgrading or installing simple security measures.  This is despite thefts rising by 38% in the 5 months after the clocks go back[i] and the average burglary costing homeowners £2,178[ii].

John Meaden, Director of Marketing at Toolstation says: “The next five months is the peak time for home burglaries and it’s surprising that home security is such a low priority for Brits. The cost of securing our homes has to be a good investment against the cost and stress of being burgled.  It seems that there is an opportunity here for the sector to more effectively communicate the long term benefits of investment in protecting homes and possessions from opportunistic burglaries with some simple but effective precautions such as security lighting.”

Toolstation stock a wide range of safety and security products for protecting homes, including safety cameras, security lighting, burglar alarms and locks, available online and in 200+ branches UK wide.





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