Boxing Day Floods – Our Story


IJM Construction Ltd is a local family run construction firm with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. We are a relatively young company that offer a wide range of bespoke construction services, from new builds and renovations to extensions and conversions. We are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire at the Tenterfields Business Park.


In June 2015 we moved into a new office with attached storage unit as the company was expanding. We put everything back into the business to build up our store of machines, tools, office equipment etc. and made internal renovations to suit our business needs, however, on Boxing day this all changed.


Everything we had worked so hard for and built up over the years, but in particular the last 6 months was gone! Washed away in the floods. The pure force of the water blasted a 80-foot hole through the wall of the Victorian Mill that has stood for more than 200 years, taking peoples lively hoods with it.


The destruction and devastation it caused to the whole site was un-imaginable as our video shows (see link below).


We were able to enter the building the following day once the river levels dropped and the sight before us was just carnage. The whole of our unit and office had been 5-6 feet under water. Machinery, timber, desks, shelving, everything, had swirled around to be left in a wet contaminated heap.


It is devastating seeing your business reduced to just the contents of a skip! We work so hard, not only to give our customers satisfaction on completion of their job but also to look after the lads who work hard for us. These guys are what makes IJM Construction the business it is, they rely on us to pay their wages and keep the work coming. It is this and the huge amount of support from family, friends even strangers that gives us the motivation to carry on and start again.


So what next for IJM?

At present we have no office or unit and need to begin to re-build our stock and business equipment to get our business back up and running. Although without the equipment there is not much we can do, our lads are down on site helping out where they can and doing odd jobs for customers.


Despite the floods that have devastated the area on Boxing Day, we are now fighting back!

Over 100 businesses have joined forces in ‪#‎CalderdaleRising – a crowdfunding campaign organised by Business for Calderdale. If you could share the news of this fantastically positive step, that would be fantastic.


We will be back! #CalderdaleRising will help us do that. Our enthusiasm, experience and love of the job was not washed away – IJM Construction will not be beaten!





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