Ashton Green Development, A New Opportunity in Leicestershire


It has been announced that the Ashton Green Development, set to provide 3,000 homes in Leicester, has taken a monumental step forward in the potential delivery of the landmark project, as Leicester City Council announces the releasing of a mixed-use village centre development opportunity for the market.

At the 13 hectare site, it is expected that circa 500 residential units is to be provided to complement a further 6,500 square meters of non-residential space. Offered in five separate development segments, the opportunities will be open for expressions of interest as of the 15th of March, with the opportunity coming to a close on the 6th of May, also of this year.

Heralded as one of the most sustainable and innovative new developments for in the city of Leicester over the course over the years, it is expected that the project will bring about a considerable contribution towards offering new, quality homes in the Leicester area; news which is no doubt to be received positively by both residents and would-be residents alike.

Sitting within 5 miles of the city centre, the 320 acre site offers a unique setting, backed up by a proud local history – one which actually dates back some 200 years. Of course, connections can also be found into much of Leicestershire’s countryside, providing a great setting for those looking to mix city-side location with that of a access to some of the nation’s most beautiful countryside and areas for exploration.

While eagerly anticipated, those interested in the development will still yet have a while to wait, with the development itself looking to be undertaken over the course of the next 20 years. Though, with the considerable amount of affordable housing and non-residential space on offer, it surely is a development to be keenly watched by those looking to get onto the property ladder or take advantage of the increased development space to be on offer.


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