Infra, the New Video Game for Pinpointing Structural Weaknesses


It is increasingly the case that we can see technology being a driving factor across many construction-related industries, allowing for far more in-depth analysis, planning and design concepts. Yet, it is almost unheard of for real progress to be made in the construction industry through the application of video gaming technology; yet that is exactly what we’re hearing at present, with Infra.

Designed by Loiste Interactive, a Finnish organisation, the game, called Infra, looks to investigate structural problems found within abandoned factories, tunnels and buildings deemed to be unsafe. Described as an entirely atmospheric experience of first-person adventure, the game effectively deals with the challenges faced by deteriorating structures and infrastructure, presented in an entirely non-violent package.

During the “adventure”, players are to take photographic evidence of weaknesses in structural assets, as well as challenged with the solving of environmental puzzles, all along a story-led journey which encircles a plot of deception and corruption; an effective combination of gameplay mechanics and features which will actually see benefits for the wider construction industry.

Funding for the project came from the reputed Steam Greenlight community, which enabled the organisation to use a more effective platform for networking with potential investors and contributors. Of course, even with this in place, funding has proven to be a troubling notion for the project, and, as such, the company has made the move to divide the game into two different releases, with the first leg having hit the market at the start of the year.

Commenting, a spokesperson for the company said: “By 2015, we had managed to raise some money from investors, but not enough to finish the entire game. This lead to us running a short-lived fundraising campaign.” And it was in direct response to this that the company made the move to divide the game. Of course, with the first instalment on the market, the prospective hopes of securing more funding, as well as those of reigning in revenues to justify the second release will likely increase in line.


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