Nominations Encouraged for BESA Awards


BESA has recently announced that it is now looking for nominations with regard to 2 of its management awards, set out to recognise the incredible work being done by many of the building engineering services sector’s present engineers, and future business leaders.

The first award, dubbed the Alfred Manly Management Award, sets out to congratulate the success and accomplishments of younger engineers, highlighting and judging them on a basis of their potential for future role development and responsibility within the wider building engineering services sector. And for the process by which candidates are selected, the award looks to highlight management-specific skill areas which are in need of development so as best to provide the training and support required for their professional development; successful candidates then being awarded an associated certificate or diploma as well as already have confirmed employment in a management position on some level.

The second award, the Professional Engineer of the Year Award, is then for individuals who have already achieved suitable qualification and are working on membership for a relevant chartered professional body’s scheme. Then combined with the first award, this allows BESA to reward individuals at various levels of the scale, with varying and highly differential personal goals and ambitions.

The awards, which are widely recognised throughout the industry, will, upon the finalisation of the judging process, be given at the BESA Specialist Groups’ Annual General Meetings event, to be held on the 19th of May this year at City of London’s Trinity House, with the deadline for nominations sitting at Friday the 1st of April for both of the different awards.

More information on the awards is naturally available from the BESA, including details on the nomination process, however, given the industry repute associated with the awards, nomination could prove to be the next step in major career development.


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