Most recently, it has been announced that the previously announced (and refused) plans for the development of a Crossrail station at London’s Kensal Gasworks may yet see a resurgence in interest and feasibility. Of course, the news is well received in line with the growing concern of ensuring infrastructure to support the potential benefits of Crossrail within local communities.

Though originally deemed not to be a a feasible plan for the site back in 2013, it has since been designed that proposals can indeed be re-looked at for the station to be developed, thus opening up the potential for improved commerce and economic prosperity along with the HS2 and Crossrail station, scheduled to open in 2026, at Old Oak.

Perhaps nodding to the potential of the scheme, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has recently requested for additional feasibility studies to be undertaken in a bid to revitalising the project. Should the studies proceed as planned, they will include an examination into exactly how a brand new Crossrail station might affect the greater rail network, also including the effective integration with other long-term capacity enhancers which are already planned for the Great Western Mainline.

Of course, the potential for benefits amongst the local community are high, with the North Kensington area presently sitting as amongst the most deprived locations along the Crossrail route, as well as playing host to the largest unemployment levels in London itself. As such, the Crossrail station development could see the addition of a further 3,500 homes, on top of the already estimated 1,500 which could be developed on the site.

Nodding to how transformation and redevelopment of land has a track record for encouraging the development of new homes, and creation of new jobs,, Boris Johnson commented: “By looking again at the options for this station we firmly believe that it could have a similar impact, triggering a much-needed fillip for this part of the capital.”