World Water Day – Using Water Sustainably


For this year’s World Water Day, customers are to be encouraged to selected water saving products where possible. In accordance with this Bristan is urging installers to, in turn, urge their own customers to make the best choices for sustainable water usage where possible. Though by no means compulsory, it is hoped for installers and customers alike to get on board with the notion and focus more wholly upon the amount of water we use, and consume on a daily basis.

Situated on March 22nd, World Water Day is a United Nations initiative which dates all the way back to 1993, primarily to highlight the importance of sustainable water use and focusing the attention of customers on the world water crisis; a key part of this incorporating circa 783m people still yet unable to source safe drinking water.

Of course, the day will also include other initiatives as part of World Water Day, such as a focus on water safety concerns across other continents, but, effectively Bristan would like to highlight the importance of each and every person making a difference where they can – effectively, locally, at home, through sustained individual water usage.

As Bristan’s Marketing Manager, Hayley Holland comments: “As perhaps one of the least-considered natural resources, it is all too easy to turn on the tap and forget about the consequences.” In accordance with this, by no means a rule of thumb, but individuals have pinpointed a lack of consideration for the amount of water we use on a daily base, almost taking the supply of the vital resource for granted.

And while many of the problems to do with water shortages are seen abroad, it is also there case that certain pockets of the UK are still reeling from one of the worst droughts they have experienced in the past decades; this, then highlighting the severe importance of making a difference locally, today.


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