Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 2016 National Site Awards to be This Month


This month, the Considerate Constructors Scheme will be running its 2016 National Site Awards, the very awards which reward organisations acting in a “considerate” manner; effectively being those organisations working towards improving the image of the greater construction industry through responsible conduct and a considerate approach to any and all works performed.

Key areas highlighted as integral to success at the awards is to include the considerate approach specifically taken towards the environment, the workforce and the surrounding public – key stakeholders which, historically, have not always been as much at the fore of concern for construction contractors as they should be; this, of course being something the Considerate Constructors Scheme aims to change.

For the ceremony, it is expected that there will be greater than 3,500 guests from all manner of shape, size and type of construction site over the course of the 11th to the 29th of April in Manchester, London and Edinburgh. This time will also herald the first ever time that value bands have been incorporated so that individual sites can then be considered based upon total project value.

Out of those thousands of sites which have been registered, greater than 900 have reportedly been chosen to win Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, with a sole Gold Award winner in each value band category being presented with the envious title of “Most Considerate Site 2016”; those shortlisted but not in receipt of this award will then be offered Runner-Up Awards.

As explained by Mike Petter, the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Chairman commented: “Award-winning sites have demonstrated exceptionally high levels of best practice in meeting and exceeding the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.” Then highlighting 2016’s event as possible the largest ever hosted, it is clear that this year’s National Site Awards will go a long way in rewarding the excellent work done by considerate constructors operating today.


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