Abaco Systems Expands Manufacturing Capacity in UK

Abaco Systems has expanded its UK manufacturing capacity, breaking ground on the construction of an expanded manufacturing facility in Towcester.

Once finished in the middle of next year, the facility will offer over 100,000 sq ft of floor space. The firm says that the expansion will replace its Milton Keynes manufacturing site.

Abaco’s UK Managing Director, Andy MacCaig, commented: “We have been planning this move for some time. It will allow us to serve our customers better by improving our efficiency – eliminating transit time, for example – and will create new synergies between our design/development teams and our manufacturing teams that will lead to better communication and real opportunities to innovate.

“The net result will be the ability to deliver even better products to our customers more quickly. Those benefits will also be felt by the customers to whom we provide contract manufacturing services.”

Abaco says it has made significant investments in state of the art equipment at its facility in Milton Keynes and this will be relocated to the new site.

The company recently unveiled the PowerXtreme PPC11A 6U VME rugged single board computer. The board is based on Power Architecture and is available in high performance and low power versions.

The high power board features a 1.8GHz QorIQ T2081 processor, said to double the performance of its predecessor. The low power board features a 1.4GHz QoriQ T1042 processor, with four single-threaded e5500 cores and consuming less than 7.5W.

Last month, Abaco Systems welcomed the launch by The Open Group of the FACE™ (Future Airborne Capability Environment) Conformance Program. The FACE Conformance Program defines the processes to verify, certify, and provide formal recognition that registered software conforms to the FACE Technical Standard. It provides a number of benefits for buyers as well as suppliers of avionics systems.

Abaco has long been an active member of the FACE Consortium, which exists to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types. Increasingly, the principles of FACE are being leveraged beyond airborne applications.


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