25 Million Pounds Devoted to Hackney Wick For Upgrades


A grand total of no less than 25 million pounds are set to be devoted to turning Hackney Wick Overground into a brand new and well-functioning location for commuters and business outlets in the vicinity. The architectural firm Landolt Brown has indicated through various pictures made today that the revolutionary new changes to the conditions of the station, such as a rebuilt way into the station and a brand new elevators to allow easier access to the various floors, will make it a much easier place to use for all.

The ambitious project will also allow for the rebuilding of staircases and elevators to make it a safer and better place for passengers and individuals working in and around the Hackney area in London. By collaborating closely and diligently over the next few months with the councils of Tower Hamlets and Council, who have already invested 1 million pounds towards the initiative, Network Rail has high hopes that with the help of all of these new schemes the project will finally be complete by next year in 2018.

Network Rail are also being supported by the LLDC (or the London Legacy Development Corporation) to vastly ameliorate the state of the station and its facilities. Indeed, David Goldstone of LLDC is delighted that the plans to help the station live up to the expectations of its users will coincide with the increased investments in the Hackney community for building better housing and encouraging businesses to set up shop in the area.

Through this, the infrastructure of this particular area of North London will be greatly improved, allowing for better property conditions, better employment opportunities and of course better transport conditions for its locals. Mister Jon Fox of Transport for London also put in a word in for the advancement of Hackney Wick Overground, which will improve the conditions of millions of people from all over the capital.


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