BREEAM Awards Finally Being Called Out


A celebration of all the different aspects of sustainability in buildings is being set under way as a result of the nominations that have finally been called out. With potential winners of the coveted BREEAM Award to be revealed on the 7th March of this year, the potential entrees range from countries ranging all the way from France to China. Covering aspects of all different kinds of sustainability including interior design, customer feedback, as well as areas of health and private tenancies, etc, BREEAM winners could range from an exceptionally well sustained retail outlet to a pristine clean hospital.

Mister Gavin Dunn of BRE stresses the inspirational qualities the award engenders within its prizes and nominations in encouraging businesses, companies and enterprises from all around the globe to think about the sustainability and environmental impact of their activities, and how this can be changed for the better. Last year’s winner was an office space environment of 40,000 square meters known as The Edge and Mister Edwin van Eeckhoven mentioned the “invaluable exposure” that such awards as BREEAM can result in.

And there are a huge number of awards that businesses can compete for, with BREEAM itself commissioning over 550,000 different certificates of achievement around the globe. In addition to this, a grand total of 2.2 million different sites were noted for investigation by BREEAM, which has been in place for 26 years and is now looking forward to welcoming the new award winners in March in two months’ time. Innovation is clearly the greatest asset that BREEAM targets and it is through the organization of such awards as these that firms can be encouraged to becoming more sustainable both to themselves and to the rest of the world. With a variety of different awards companies are liable to win, as well as long-term advice and resolutions on how to do better for the runners-up, such competitions as the BREEAM Awards ought to be encouraged and sought after by firms around the rest of the world.


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