NewCold Advances Forward by Adding to Vehicle Fleet

NewCold Advanced Cold Logistics, who have their firm base in the town of Wakefield, are reinvigorating themselves for January 2017 by restructuring their 36-strong line of tractor vehicles. These, furnished by a company in Birstall known as Crossroads Truck & Bus, are expected to be hired continuously by NewCold for a grand total of three years to come. Fitted with an all-new I-Shift transmission by Volvo themselves, it is hoped that this will allow NewCold to operate during the adverse winter conditions and to cope with the wishes of its increasingly popular client base.

The amount of double-deckers will also increase to 12, thus allowing costs to the environment and of travel to be significantly reduced by the Wakefield company. The Managing Directors of NewCold are confident that by the end of this year alone, they will have invested in and deployed an extra 30 double-decker transport vehicles to demonstrate their concern for lowering transport costs and increasing their impressive regard for the safeguard of the environment. Mister Jon Miles, its Country Director, is adamant that such vehicles NewCold have been investing in such as the FH4 500 are extremely popular among fleet drivers and are equally beneficial to the company in their cost efficiency on fuel usage.

Mister Miles is also extremely satisfied with their ongoing partnership with Crossroads Truck & Bus and is hopeful that they will be able to continue this bounteous future with them and that their support will be mutual with the harsh winter months ahead. With bases of food storage all over Europe, including in France and Poland, NewCold’s announcements today are encouraging signs that up-and-coming successful companies like itself are committed to ensuring that their rising profits and success does not run at the expense of the natural environment. One can only hope that similar companies will be as conscientious as the team behind NewCold.



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