Demand for PIR Insulation Materials

A worrying sign for the building and construction industry is the constant and excessive demand for PIR insulation materials, which has resulting in an increasingly alarming shortage in the material. The constant demand for the product has inevitably resulted in an increase in manufacturing costs to cope with the demand for it, explaining why the overall costs of the insulation material have soared by a staggering total of no less than 22 per cent. Whist some building and construction companies are so vastly affluent that they are able to cope with this staggering rise in prices, this often results in smaller manufacturing outlets being put out of the loop and having to seek alternative means and methods to keeping the home fires of their clients burning, so to speak.

One of the alternative methods of providing insulation materials to clients is a plastic known as “expanded polystyrene” or EPS. Used in a huge variety of different contexts ranging from home insulations in roofs and walls to giant structures such as monolithic bridges, EPS is a favorite alternative over PIR to many manufacturers around the world. This is due primarily to its flexibility and ability to withstand all kinds of conditions, but is also cheap being a plastic as well as relatively easy to produce for clients, in contrast to PIR.

Manufacturing enterprises and individuals interested in the product are therefore warmly encouraged to get in contact with SPI (aka Styrene Packaging & Insulation Limited) which is a company that specializes in the making of EPS around the country. Having worked with making and dispatching this product for more than 30 years since the enterprise’s birth in 1976, SPI are confident that EPS are the brilliant alternative to insulation material shortages around the country, and urge those interested in communicating with them to telephone them on 01274691777 or alternatively to check their online site out on to find out more about the services that they provide.


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