New Church in Cambridge Benefits from Sika Building Material

A fantastic new church in Cambridge valued at 4.3 million pounds will receive the fantastic benefit of being covered with a new building material provided by Sika Limited in order to ensure that those beneath the roof of the church are not soaked by the winter rain. Sika Limited have often worked on challenging projects and are well experienced in the field of building and construction, but this particular location in Cambridge presented them with a number of challenges.

For a start was the fact that the newly built church and community hub for local residents and newcomers was valued at such a tidy sum of 4.3 million pounds: there was therefore a great deal at stake and Silka would have to ensure more than ever that its services were top notch quality. More practical concerns was the requirement that the roofing material that they applied should not in any way infringe on the architectural splendor of the structure. Whilst this might seem like an incredibly daunting challenge, Sika rose to the occasion and came up with a product known as Sika-Trokol SGK. This product was a special membrane appliance which, once applied to the roofing structure itself, would ensure that the roof was protected from strong rains and waters that are a frequent occurrence at this time of the year.

In collaboration with the contracted work of Cambridge Flat Roofing, the work was duly and effectively completed, even managing to be finished earlier than the designated deadline of eight weeks. Indeed, Mister Wayne Farrington of Cambridge Flat Roofing, expressed his pleasure that the product was easily applicable to the roof structure and also met the impressive demands of the client. The solution itself will also ensure that the roof will not require a large amount of maintenance during the time that the Sika-Trokol SGK is there to protect it from the wear and tear of British weather conditions.



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