RIG Handed a Brilliant Achievement of “Excellence” in Safety Measures


One of the most prolific businesses for indoor renovations, design and decoration currently operating in the Midlands has been recently handed the brilliant achievement of “Excellence” in terms of a work area’s safety measures. This company, known as Rhino Interiors Group, has been recognized by Alcumus SafeContractor for its consistent advances in making the working space for its 20-plus workforce a safer and better place. This is undoubtedly fantastic news for Rhino, who have had contracts with as many star-studded enterprises as diverse as Aston Martin and Siemens.

With clients as wide and varied as that, it is clear that Rhino deliver very high standards of output and are consistently able to satisfy their famous clients again and again. Yet an investigation of Rhino’s health and safety standards was however essential as, being such a high-profile company, as explained by SafeContractor Director Gemma Archibald, certain standards had to be met and checked. It is clear that SafeContractor were also eager to ensure that Rhino Interiors Group passed the various tests with flying colors, and were pleased that the process had gone smoothly.

Mister Adrian Dearnley of RIG was eager to emphasize that Rhino accepted and welcomed the various tests that needed to be implemented in order to assess the methods against risks in the work place that were already in place. Mister Dearnley seems eager for the rigorous implementation of these regulations so that the contractors and employees of RIG put their safety first before anything else. Furthermore, the Director of RIG emphasizes his pride that the award finally defines the West Midlands firm as a bastion of health and safety regulation. It is hoped that the rewards of this will result in attracting an even wider spectrum of clientele to knock at the doors of Rhino Interiors Group and to use the services of a company that they know is concerned for the wellbeing of its staff.


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