Bowmer and Kirkland Work on Richmond School Makeover

An educational institution in the London Borough of Richmond was reportedly in a poor state of affairs indeed, but the building and construction industry ensured that the school is now back to the standard that it should have been in all along. The Queen’s Church of England Primary School in the wealthy Richmond borough was apparently in a bad state of affairs, with lack of lighting and heat distribution that was costing the educational establishment a great deal of money to maintain. The school therefore took upon itself to resolve to rebuilding measures that would help to resolve these problems and enlisted the help of consulting expertise firm Pick Everard to see what could be done.

With the government backing of a staggering £4.2 million, Pick Everard advised them on the different steps that they would need to take in order to make the school a safer and better place for its pupils. Eventually, a construction contractual company known as Bowmer and Kirkland were hired to carry out and finish the various ambitious engineering and construction implementations that would help restore the school to an appropriate standard fit for study and education. A new building was designed in order to comply with these demands. It included the building of a corridor down the middle as well as classrooms with same-floor access to the playground thus making it a geographically more sensible location that would be able to cope with the excited rush of pupils running out after the eagerly awaited end of term bell.

Similarly, other facilities were built into the school by Bowmer and Kirkland contractors, such as designs to ensure that as much heat energy and water were saved as possible in order to make the building itself more sustainable. Bowmer and Kirkland also installed a “daylight dimming” system that would enable more lights to be switched so that pupils could benefit from natural sunlight instead of artificial bulbs.


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