Revelations of Brand New Development in Buckingham

The excitement in London South West 1 is being permeated everywhere now that London & Oriental have announced the building of a brand new home and work area in the heart of London known as the new Buckingham Green. Situated in the heat of the capital right in the middle of Victoria and St James, it is clear that Buckingham Green will be a vital new location for booming businesses wanting to situate themselves at the vital hub of the middle of one of the richest cities in the world. With the intention of being finished by next year in 2018, the building will cover 240,000 square feet of space and will divide itself to be a space for accommodation as well as one for vital office and business interaction. Valued at the very apex of graded accommodation (Grade A!) the building will include 55,389 square feet of space for its lucky new residents and will also devote 11,334 square feet of its space towards expensive retail outlet transactions.

With a brand new square area that walkers on foot in the area will be able to use, the building has been designed by a company known as Fletcher Priest Architects who turned to designs by the celebrated architect Mies van der Rohe. With a combination of space that will be rented to booming businesses as well as a number of private landlords with the funds to buy the land space, the new Buckingham Green will be the symbol of capitalist fat cat gains and is set to be a landmark of the way business has changed in the City of London. With its adherence to existing industrial and private wealthy areas already established in the capital that include such areas as Chelsea as well as Marylebone, it is hoped that the new area by London & Oriental will be a consistent addition to the area.

Mark Cannell of London & Oriental is very pleased that plans have been forward and that the site will be able to welcome its new residents and retail outlets open for business by the time of 2018.


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