Commitment by Futureal to New Budapest Building Project


A division of Futureal known as Cordia is very pleased to announce that it is set to ensure the development of an all-new ambitious project that will inject greater property development and construction into the Hungarian city of Budapest.

Relieving GTC of their duties, Cordia will now be responsible for the building and construction of an exciting project located in the hilly and much sought after Buda area of the country. By injecting a further 140 million euros into the project that had originally begun under GTC, the funds will allow for the building of 850 habitations.

As if that were not enough to get excited about, there is much more to this land development than merely to build homes for people living in the region. Indeed, Cordia has the intention of also committing funds and planning to oversee the construction of a brand new park dedicated to leisurely activities in the area that will total 8,000 square meters of private land. In addition to this, an area for office building will be an added feature of this ambitious development in the beautiful Hungarian location. Following on from Cordia’s multi-award laden Corvin Promenade initiative, the Budapest project is set to be in the same vein of ambitious construction and is not set to be finished until at least 2021. The new site will be known as the Sasad Resort and will be the crème de la crème of Hungarian industrial development.

Indeed, Mister Gabor Futo, the clan leader of Futureal Group, is extremely pleased that Cordia will manage the project moving on from GTC, and this will equally mean the creation of a further 100-plus jobs for the local community. Of course, Futureal Group have the blessing of the previous company, GTC, who rather than throw the towel in early have moved onto different pastures in the building and development sector. Mister Robert Snow the Chief Executive Officer of GTC Hungary has declared that he is very pleased that a company like Cordia under Futureal are going to oversee the development and construction of the land.


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