Dulux Academy Hails its First Anniversary

Dulux Academy in Slough as well as at Leeds College will be offering free courses in decoration to some 50 young lucky potential apprentices in March, from the 7th to the 9th of the next coming month. This spattering of generosity comes from the academy’s commitment and support to the ethos predicated by the National Apprenticeship Week, which every year celebrates the range (or lack of) of options that are currently available to the working people of today. With the amount of activities that will be available in order to show potential new employees the various (or lack of) options that are open (or closed) to them, it is important that companies like the Dulux Academy get on board with them and demonstrate the courses that they can provide to people wanting to start off in the decorating industry.

National Apprenticeship Week has been going on for a decade: the Dulux Academy for a year. Therefore, it seems that some form of celebration of some kind is in order and the company will be offering a wide range of courses in decorating for free, where expert advice will be given on appliance, method and maintenance techniques in order to indicate what it is that makes the decorating industry what it is today. With the reported shortage of skilled workers in this country becoming an ever important issue that will need to be resolved at some point in the future by providing young people starting off in the life of work having more opportunities, it is evident that enterprises like the Dulux Academy are at least trying to encourage more people to see the benefits and realities of working in the decorating sector of the building and construction industry.

Through this, it is clear that the Dulux Academy is doing its best to try and solve this problem by offering more free opportunities to 50 young people, something which other enterprises and companies ought to be doing in honor of National Apprenticeship Week.


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