SPIE UK to Contribute to Schools in Clackmannanshire Council

The area of Clackmannanshire will hugely benefit in the coming years from the superb services of SPIE UK, who have already completed a number of other building and design projects to make the area a more than secure area for its local residents, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds in the community that will be able to benefit from the improvements to social housing in the area that SPIE UK will be able to implement over the next half of the decade. But this is not the only project that the company has secured with the local Scottish Clackmannanshire Council, who have also signed a deal with the security company to update the various fire alarms as well as security systems in schools based around the area.

In fact, a grand total of ten schools will be able to benefit from this development by the company, who will use the £200,000 contractual deal to bring the security systems in place up to date and fully tested so that the education system in the region is as secure and safe for its students and future generations of adults as possible. For the past two decades, SPIE have maintained and secured various sorts of security systems and services for the Clackmannanshire Council, and it is clear that they are the go-to reliable service that the council goes to if there are any problems with security maintenance in the area. SPIE UK are well known for their commitment to the council’s initiatives and plans, and their consistent output of good results delivered on time and within the designated budget has made them a popular friend of the council and it is hoped that these future projects will help to ensure that their relationship continues to flourish in the harsh times expected ahead.

Owen Munro a Team Leader at the Clackmannanshire Council has expressed his pleasure that the company has once again agreed to help the council in making the area a safer and more secure place for people to live in.


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