Goodman Group Building in Hamburg

A company known as Goodman Group, which specializes in the development and running of logistics in the real estate trade, is very happy to announce its commitment to the building of a current new development in the Port of Hamburg.

This ambitious new building development will be used as a vital brand new logistics hub for those that use Goodman’s services and is precisely to be located in the bustling Altenwerder Freight Village. This location, with its proximity to the Port of Hamburg, is ideal for the freight industry and precisely the reason for Goodman’s strategic decision to go forward with its building plans to expand itself throughout the rest of the European continent. Indeed, Goodman Group will own the 12, 700 square-metered logistics space in the bustling freight vehicle area, but will also devote itself to the building of 7,100 square meters designed to be used by Symrise.

This other company, which specializes in providing all kinds of different and exotic flavors to its clients around the countries, is pleased that Goodman Group are going ahead with these plans to build space for them and will certainly be able to use it once the necessary building and construction work is finished. In addition to this, Goodman Group are confident that they will also be able to increase their annual revenue through devoting funds to building work which will be used to build an extra 5,600 meters of potential logistics area. This space they will lease out to the branches and companies that contact them for it and it is hoped that the space will be in popular demand because of its coastal location and because of the popularity of the Altenwerder Freight Village as a whole with industries in Germany and the rest of Europe. Indeed, with this particular project due to be finalized by the summer months of this very year, members of Goodman Group are undoubtedly very excited that they will not have to wait too long before the construction of this new building is finalized.


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