UCLan Proclaims the Future of Social Space Planning

The University of Central Lancashire (also known in more trendy quarters of this country as the UCLan) is to witness a major new property and development progression as it commits towards a program designed to create new social space for its lucky students worth in the range of £8.15 million. In conjunction with the faculty’s intentions to refurbish and improve itself over the next year by devoting up to £200 million towards rebuilding parts of the faculty, this particular improvement to the campus will be commissioned to Conlon Construction. This particular company, which has its footing in the area of Preston, will ensure that work is completed to the best of their ability and is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year.

Indeed, Conlon Construction do not lie around, since last week on the 6th February they declared the project open and ready to go by putting the first shovelful of work towards the project. The Greenbank and Harrington site has already witnessed some major developments and progress has been made already by Conlon Construction so that university planners and delegates are confident that the independent contractor will deliver the space on time and on budget. In total, work on the two sites (which also include significant rebuilding along the Foster location of the building area) will necessitate amounts of concrete worth up to 90 individual piles as well as up to 150 tons of steel material.

With all of this in mind, it is clear that Conlon Construction will also need to be good in order to ensure the logistical transportation and delivery of the materials onto the site. Members of UCLan have expressed their confidence in Conlon Construction  and their belief that the company will be able to aid them in making their refurbishment plans come true and get delivered to them on time and within budget.


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