COINS has recently announced the six winning contestants of its yearly competition that will help to pave the way for greater innovation and sustainable methods of production that the industry will be able to implement into its workings in the near future to ensure its progression and development into the 21st Century. With the amount of climate change and the dwindling of the world’s resources and materials, it is becoming more than ever a reality and a top priority for businesses in the building and construction industries to do what they can in order to improve themselves.

The six deserving winners of the COINS competition were treated to a luxurious London gala dinner on Wednesday the 8th of this month of February and it is clear from the photographic evidence that the evening was a barnstorming success in every sense of the meaning of the word. Mister Robert Brown, the Chief Executive Officer at COINS, wishes to explain that despite the fact that there can only be six individual winners to the competition, the efforts and enthusiasm of all involved is what makes the competition what it is and wants to say well done to all who showed an interest in the contest. Finally, Mister Brown wishes good luck to all of those that proved themselves so good and worthy of the vital building blocks to ensure their success in the construction industry.

With an agenda devoted to greater sustainability as well as different forms of leadership skills, the company ensures that every single year entrepreneurs and young minds with the capacity to promote change and progress in the construction industry are rewarded with the just merits that they deserve. The various forms of awards that COINS issues range from research and development programs to internships with exclusive and award-winning companies around the country, thus ensuring that future generations of innovation and progress remain possible within the building, design and construction industry.