$1 Million Has Been Donated to the National University of Singapore

The leading privately held construction and civil engineering group in Singapore has announced that they are making a gift of $1 million to the National University of Singapore. Who Hup (Private) Limited donating the money to the university as a part of its celebrations for its 90th anniversary.

The money will allow the National University of Singapore to create a Visiting Professorship within the Department of Civil Engineering. The cheque was given to Professor Chua Kee Chaing who is the Dean of Engineering at the University. The money was presented at Who Hup’s annual diver and dance that was held at Fairmont Singapore hotel.

The new place that will be made available by the funds will be named the Who Hup Visiting Professorship and it is thought that the position will attract top researchers, scholars and practitioners in the field of civil and environmental engineering field to the university, which will then improve the quality of the department. It is thought that the professorship will allow the Visiting memebers of staff to share their expertise and experience in construction innovations and exchange their insights on the latest best practices in the industry.

The funding that has been awarded to Singapore University is a reflection of the close relationship between the industry and academia. The Engineering department of Singapore University is considered world class in the area of academia down to the department’s reputation for collaborating with external industry experts. The Visiting Professorship funded by the private construction and civil engineering company Who Hup will allow the faculty to invite more experts to share their knowledge with the staff and students of the university within the environment of the university.

The position will help the university strengthen and deepen their knowledge base and will also allow for advancements in the education and research in civil and environment engineering. The professorship will be available for those who are using newer construction techniques when creating iconic buildings. For example, volumetric construction and structural health monitoring systems are some of the techniques that could be discussed during a professorship.


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