Barratt Developments Looking to Expand Their Network of Sub-Contractors

The property construction company Barratt Developments are looking to expand their network of sub-contractors. Companies that are based in the area around Fife are asked to get in touch with the housing development company. Barratt Development plc own two separate house construction companies. These companies are Barratt and David Wilson Homes.

The Development company are intending on expanding the number of sub-contractors they have on their books as a way of meeting their expansion targets for the year. The constructors of new build properties around the UK are wanting to increase their contacts list while also making sure that the sub-contractors they include are skilled and qualified. They are hoping the new connections they make with companies or persons will help them build more and more houses in an attempt to meet the housing shortage and demand. It is thought that expanding their network the support for the Development company’s existing sub-contractors will be created.

A wide range of companies are being called out to in order to be included as a Barratt Developments sub-contractor. This call out applies to larger companies as well as self-employed or sole traders in order to help the house builders expand support their workforce. This expansion also coincides with a number of new contracts that have been awarded to Barratt that will have work begin this year.  The appeal in order to expand their workforce applies to any company who already works in the residential property building sector, or those in the commercial sector who are wanting to expand. Any company or sole trader that is able to provide a trade to Barratt Developments has been encouraged to contact them. The specific kind of trades that have been selected as desirable include Scaffolding companies, Mastic Sealant contractors, the painting and decorating trade, joiners, roofers, and pluming and electric skilled workers.


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