Prodata Weather Systems Announced the New Addition

The Camridgeshire-based company Prodata Weather Systems has announced the addition of the EnviroMonitor to their solutions. The company is one of the environment monitoring experts in the UK. The company has added the new Davis system to their collection of management solutions.

The EnviroMonitor is a system that offers reliable readings from a powerful and convenient system. The EnviroMonitor is also very affordable which will make the system a viable solution for a range of different companies. It is described as the user’s eyes and ears on the ground and will provide the required data to allow for recording or managing the environmental aspects of a construction site. These systems can be used on bigger or unique developments and are said to be easy to set up.

The EnviroMonitor consists of a net network that has a number of different nodes. The network is self-optimizing and the gateway aspect of the equipment works to support a number of different sensors that can be increased or decreased. The Davis instruments can be connected to other third party sensors and the equipment can be used to measure water level, flow rate, water pressure, wind speed & direction as well as soil moisture, UV exposure and soil salinity. All of these different measurements can be used on a construction site in order to make sure the construction plans coincide with the environmental conditions.

This EnviroMonitor can be connected to the user’s computer or smartphone in order to deliver information in real time. It is thought that the new equipment is a valuable addition to the range of Davis environmental monitoring systems used at Prodata Weather Systems. The management equipment allows for construction decisions to be more informed with the provision of environmental data. Prodata Weather Systems have also revealed that they were the only dealer that was based in the UK to be involved in the beta-testing of the EnviroMonitor.


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