Amey is offering internships for engineers who have taken a career break and want to return to a professional career.

Amey is hoping for applications from women who have had a career break for childcare
Above: Amey is hoping for applications from women who have had a career break for childcare

The scheme is part of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Civils Comeback scheme.

The ICE has worked with Amey to develop the 12-week internship. Amey wants to hear from those who have been on a career break for two or more years having previously worked as an engineer, particularly women who have taken time off to raise children.

Amey is promising to work with candidates to support their transition back into engineering by providing a full induction, access to a mentor, career training sessions and one-to-one support throughout the 12-week programme. Opportunities are nationwide but the deadline for applications for the paid internships is 29th April 2016 – next week!

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ICE director of membership Seán Harris said: “It will come as no surprise to hear that we need more engineers in both our offices and on site. Industry cannot rely only on new graduates and apprentices to fill the gap; we will also need qualified engineers who have left the industry – as well as those who have the skills, experience and qualifications, to pick up where they left off.

“Returning to work after a career break can be daunting, so we have designed internships to help make up for lost time, as well as guiding individuals back into a professional working environment. To assist our former colleagues return to engineering, the internships will help build confidence and smooth their transition back into engineering teams.”




This article was published on 22 Apr 2016 (last updated on 22 Apr 2016).

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