New Replacements at ECS Engineering Services


ECS Engineering Services have been contacted in regards to the replacement of three Archimedes screw pumps which were operating at the Severn Trent Water’s Mansfield Sewage Treatment Works. NMCNomenca.

ECS Engineering Services have been operating for more than 20 years to deliver high standard engineering solutions. The company focuses on tailor made designs as well as projects that are connected to water, energy and environmental processing and managing. There specialisms made them an ideal candidate for the work that was required in the Mansfield Sewage Treatment Works.

The Treatment facility is located near to the River Maun and operates in order to process most of the effluent water that is discarded from farms and homes that are in the surrounding area. The three screw pumps that needed replacing from the inlet station of the facility had been working non stop since the 1970s. The data monitoring the pumps however showed that they were experiencing a drop in efficiency caused by the long term wear and tear of the work being carried out.

Each of the pumps needed to be replaced one at a time. Working this way took longer but the plan made sure that the Mansfield facility could continue to operate during the scheme of works. The pumps were found to be beyond any hope to refurbish, and so needed to be replaced completely. The Tier 1 contractor for Severn Trent Water, NMCNomenca, made this decision then looked to contact ECS for their specialist assistance.

ECS thought that the work to replace the 13.5 meter long pump would take 8 weeks, with the original pumps removed by crane then recycled before the new pumps were installed. The pumps then needed to be re-screeded by hand in order to make sure that the space was at the optimum for efficiency. ECS have also offered a comprehensive maintenance plan that will support the new installations and protect them in the future in order to maintain the efficiency of the pumps for a good many years to come.


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