Tridonic Announced That They Are Looking to Grown Their Offering of Dimmable LED Modules


Tridonic, one of the leading providers of smart lighting systems in the world, has announced that they are looking to grow their offering of dimmable LED modules. This expansion will come for the spotlights and downlights that are on offer from the company. The Tridonic modules come with the SLE SUNSET EXC. The light that is provided by the SUNSET light creates a more intimate atmosphere with its warmer colour and it has been said that the lighting modules replicate quite closely the light provided by an incandescent lamp.

The SUNSET range of lighting module has been announced as the fourth product as part of the SLE EXC series. The other lighting modules that are available as a part of this range is FOOD, ART and FASHION. Each of these modules give off a different light and it allows lighting manufacturers the ability of offer a range of light colours.

Tridonic work to offer cutting edge lighting solutions to the market. The company’s research and development market are looking into how the can continue to develop the LED lighting systems as well as how lighting can be connected to other technologies in a drive to “smarter” homes and living.

Along with the SLE SUNSET EXC, Tridonic have also revealed that the has created the fourth generation of the DLE ADVANCED module that will provide efficient and flexible LED driver selection. This new product has improved module efficacy by 12% and it is possible that there could also be a reduction in costs too. This could be a leap forward for installing LED driver and lighting systems in construction projects and buildings. The white diffuser that is featured alongside the module makes sure that an even level of light is emitted. This level of light given off can also be altered.


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