4 Style Ideas to Bring the Life Back into Your Kitchen

Does your family look the same as it did ten years ago? No. So why does your kitchen?

As the heart of the home, it only makes sense for our kitchens to get updated every time something new happens in our household, whether it’s a furry new addition or adult children leaving the nest. If your kitchen is looking more than a little tired, it’s time to bring it up to the standard of the rest of your home, and make it work harder for your household.

The first step in your renovations should be to get as much inspiration as you can, to help you decide the overall design for your updated space. We’ve listed four of the most popular styles right now to get you started, and how to create them in your home.


The industrial kitchen is all about rugged textures and functionality. Chunky wood is contrasted against gritty brickwork and gleaming steel for a look that’s urban, masculine and striking.

Build it at home with:

Industrial kitchens are about paring back, so strip away fussy tiles and bright lino to leave exposed brickwork, concrete floors and bare space. Go for luxe finishes like copper or crystal, which will stand out against simple, natural finishes. Window frames should be black, highlighting the geometric shapes that should be echoed in your cabinetry and furnishings.

Signature finishes:

No industrial kitchen is complete without a statement light fitting with filament bulbs. String them on braided flex over your table or kitchen island, experiment with different shapes and heights to add interest. Finishing touches should be used to bring balance and softness to the scheme; a sheepskin rug thrown over a chair, or fresh cut flowers on a butcher block table.


Sleek, minimal and playful in design, contemporary kitchens bring all the freshness of modern design and give it a playful twist, with curving edges and unusual materials.

Build it at home with:

Invest in cutting-edge appliances and gadgets, like induction hobs and integrated coffee makers. The idea is to create an ergonomic space that stylishly answers all of the demands in a modern home. Use light-reflecting materials, like glass and steel generously, while keeping the overall design of your kitchen clean and uncluttered – have a look at an ALNO style contemporary kitchen for inspiration.

Signature finishes:

Break up the monotony of clean lines with surprise splashes of pattern and colour. A decorative backsplash using a combination of square and rectangular tiles can add interest, while running a pop of yellow, orange or vivid green creates a little spice.


Perfect to complement a hipster home, rustic kitchens look like they belong in your hand-built log cabin in the woods. They’re exceptionally trendy right now, and their use of rough, natural materials means they’ll look classic for years to come.

Build it at home with:

The key to a rustic kitchen is distressed materials and authentic wear and tear – oh, and that there’s no such thing as “too much” wood. Head to your nearest salvage yard to get inspiration, maybe from a heavy farmhouse-style sink, or patinated wooden cabinet. Your colour scheme should veer away from flat blacks and stark whites – choose a grainy ecru or warm claret instead.

Signature finishes:

The centrepiece of your rustic kitchen has to be a hearty fireplace or traditional wood burner, and what better way to add character and charm than with antique & reclaimed fireplaces? Carve your mantelpiece from a vintage timber, and have a comfortable rocking chair nearby for cosy evenings.


Traditionally reserved for countryside homes, this style is making a firm comeback even in urban environments. Cosy and bright, a farmhouse style offers practicality and comfort, as well as giving you cooking a homey hint of nostalgia.

Build it at home with:

The three cornerstones of a farmhouse kitchen are an old-fashioned range cooker, an apron-front sink and freestanding cabinetry. You can’t exactly cheat the first two, but adding bun feet and corbels to your existing cabinets will create a convincing imitation without replacing the whole carcass. In a farmhouse kitchen, everything you need should be easy to access. That means storing open shelving, door-less cupboards and vertical plate racks – which will also keep the space looking airy and inviting.

Signature finishes:

With so much open shelving, it’s important that your finishing touches don’t overwhelm your kitchen and make it look cluttered. Opt for co-ordinated dinnerware in a simple pattern, like this set from Denby, and accessorise your counters with vintage finds like milk churns or bread bins from your local flea market.

Whichever style of kitchen you prefer, make sure you plan the space to meet the demands of your home right now, with space to cook, eat and socialise. If it’s a design that works for you, it’ll be a room your family can enjoy for years to come.


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