BAM Western Announced That They Have Selected Biosite to Carry Out Standardised Access Control


BAM Western has announced that they have selected Biosite to carry out standardised access control and workforce management. Bioforce has been awarded the contract following a comprehensive and competitive tender process.

Biosite will be working to offer standardised access control solutions for BAM Western across their construction sites in the region. There was a rigorous selection process put in place by BAM in order to choose their partner. Bam Plant has already developed a stable partnership with Biosite and although a number of other companies were invited by BAM to demonstrate their access management systems, Biosite was chosen as the best to suit BAM’s needs. All of the companies that demonstrated their systems were scored by the decision makers at BAM Western for their service support, Software, hardware, reports, future development, ease of use, support, security and cost.

Biosite will be delivering to BAM’s construction sites biometric site access, security and workforce management solutions for sites in the Western region of the country. Biosites already established relationship with BAM Plant was another supporting factor for choosing Biosite.

BAM Western and Biosite are committed to improving the training of apprentices and those that were previously unemployed. With this shared ideal and the use of the access management systems that will be installed by Biosite, capture and analysis information will be available for operatives and site performances. This is a vital part of helping apprentices and trainees improve as well as monitoring who has access to the site and the record of how long is spent on site. By having easy access to this information, BAM Western will be able to set more and more ambitious targets for themselves in order to get more individuals trained.

Hopefully this expansion of the partnership between BAM and Biosite will lead to more partnership work taking place in the future.


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