Driver Group Announced That They Would Be Adopting a New Approach


Driver Group announced five years ago that they would be adopting a new approach to the supply of construction Expert Witness support services. Following on from this news was the creation of Diales.

Diales was designed to be a service that would work to bring together a selection of world class experts in the industry, more specifically in the areas of delay, quantum, and technical in order to provide support. The support is offered to clients when they need it most through use of a dedicated team.

The team that work at Diales offer clients tailored support for the legal profession through Arbitration, Litigation and ADR. Those that work fro Diales must meet and extensive list of criteria which include having at least 15 years of experience in this area, having previously been cross examined, trained in what is required of experts during Litigation and Arbitration processes. Each member must also have at least 50% of their workload classed as expert work.

To begin with Diales launched with 12 highly skilled experts that met the high standards and came with the necessary reputation to fulfill the requirements at Diales. Included in this number were John Mullen and Peter R Davidson, both published authors.

Five years on and the company now have closer to 40 experts working for the organisation. There are teams of dedicated researchers as well as engineers and architects working for the organisation and all of the individuals often share their wisdom and experiences within the Driver Trett Digest as well as on social media. This means that the organisation is well equipped to support their clients through legal proceedings in a range of different areas of the construction industry.

The five year old company has been developing and expanding very well and hopefully this will continue well into the future.


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