Two years since launch

Two years on since it first launched, more than 41,000 businesses are now listed on the Registered Competent Person Electrical website.


Since its launch in June 2014 the site has attracted more than 200,000 visitors with, on average, more than 7,500 searches for local electricians carried out each month. Now is the perfect time to make sure you are on it.

Registered Competent Person Electrical ( is a powerful source for anyone looking for a registered electrician in their area to carry out work in their home. It lists all Full Scope Part P registered firms in England and Wales.

It was created by all government approved Full Scope electrical Competent Person Scheme operators to make finding a registered electrician a simple and easy process. Registered Competent Person Electrical also has the support of leading industry stakeholders including the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Registered electricians are encouraged to check their details are present and up-to-date to ensure they are getting the most out of their free listing. If you’re a Full Scope, registered domestic electrical installer, your business should be automatically added to the register, if you don’t find your business on there make sure you contact your Competent Person Scheme Operator who will be able to help.

Commenting on the site, Napit group chief executive Michael Andrews said: “Over the 2 years of its existence, the Registered Competent Person Electrical website has proven to be an amazing resource. It provides consumers peace of mind by allowing them to locate electricians who are competent and have their work regularly assessed within their local area. It has also given installers a valuable free listing to advertise their business, which has subsequently allowed them to market themselves in their local area and increase business. I am confident that the website will continue to raise awareness of electrical safety in the home.”

Emma Clancy, CEO of Certsure, added: “RCPE is a leading resource to find all firms registered and assessed to carry out domestic electrical work throughout England and Wales. It is important to check that your business is listed and that your contact information is present and correct to ensure you are getting the most from this free and invaluable resource.”

Over the past 2 years, campaigns highlighting the value of the RCPE have reached a multitude of people through social media. These campaigns have helped to raise awareness on electrical safety and encouraged people to seek out professional installers in their area.

To find out more about Registered Competent Person Electrical, visit:

If you would like to update your details or you think your business should be listed but does not appear on the register, you need to contact the DCLG authorised Competent Person Scheme Operator you are registered with. A full list, including contact details, is available at:



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