Ozone Company Gaining Momentum and is Already Having an Impact on the Market


Ozone, is an international architectural hardware brand that is base in India but works to supply architectural ironmongery solutions on an international scale. It is thought that the company is gaining momentum and is already having an impact on the market. The architectural hardware manufacturer and supplier delivers a wide selection of hardware solutions that have been internationally certified for a range of customers including architects, builders, specifiers and homeowners.

In order to supply their products in the UK, Ozone use Total Door Hardware UK as a distributor. Total Door Hardware works with the India based company in order to offer a range of Ozone door hardware to the UK customers. Included in this catalogue of products includes a selection of door hinges, corner clamps, reinforcement bars, door knobs and handles and sliding door systems.

Ozone are becoming a globally popular company that offer a range of solutions that make the most of the newest technology and operate with the utmost functionality. Ozone also offer a selection of concealed floor springs, or hydraulic patches, that are offered to the consumers with a five year guarantee. Also, Ozone has developed a selection of floor springs which are offered with a two year guarantee in order to provide assurances over the quality of the product.

Total Door Hardware Ltd works to offer a range of different frameless glass doors to meet each of their customer’s’ requirements. Total Door Hardware offer frameless glass door solutions for a range of applications from office doors to shower doors. The company is also committed to offering high quality and durable products to all of their customers. Total Door Hardware does also offer Ozone’s range of concealed floor springs that are installed on doors that remove the need for digging when installing the door hydraulics.

Total Door Hardware are also offering 10% off your first order as part of a promotion that will run until the 31st August 2017.


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