Indeglas Has Launched a New Product


Indeglas has launched a new product. The new DEKO FG Nature is said to feature the latest in glazed screen partitioning technology. The interior glazing solutions specialists has created a new product that uses the latest technology and merges high performance and natural touch.

The new DEKO FG Nature allows for the transfer of light and also offers customers a high degree of acoustic performance in order to blend well with the most up to date and state of the art interior design. The new glazing product is an expansion of the existing DEKO range.

Indeglass has recently rebranded and as part of this change is now looking to develop their long term business relationship with DEKO of Denmark, the leading system manufacturing company. Indeglas first started operating as DEKO Scotland, but has recently been rebranded. Under its old name, the company has been operating for 17 years, before rebranding in June this year. The company was founded by Jeanette MacIntyre who is now the Managing Director. Jeanette has said that the new DEKO FG Nature is a great addition to the company’s product portfolio.

The new DEKO FG Nature range is a development of the minimal design found in Indeglas’s more classic DEKO FG partition. The interior glazing solutions is available in a range of different thicknesses and is also easy to maintain. The partition is also fully demountable which means that the solutions is completely flexible to the client’s needs.

The product ranges and services that are on offer with Indeglas allow architects and designers who are using them to focus on bringing natural light into the centre of a built environment. The glazing solutions allows for more aesthetically divided interior spaces. The use of natural light in built environments has also been found to be beneficial to occupants, whether the building is used for education, healthcare, the local government or anything in between.


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