Fixmart Partner with CADDY PYRAMID to Offer Bespoke Access Solution


Fixmart is a leading supplier to the construction, M&E and HVAC sectors. The company has announced that they have recently partnered with Caddy Pyramid in order to develop a bespoke solution that will lead to an increase in the efficiency of navigation over rooftop obstacles as well as a solution that would meet health and safety standards. This bespoke navigation solution could also lead to the reduction of labour time spent on installation.

The partnership between Fixmart and CADDY PYRAMID will last for five years. Fixmart will be offering dedicate site visits for their potential customers and those interested in the manufacturer’s Step Over and Walkways systems. Fixmart will offer these dedicated visits in order to get a better understanding of the exact requirements before the design and build of the product. CADDY Pyramid is a brand of the leading global manufacturer Pentair and already carries a collection of their products. The Step Over and Walkways systems will be the latest products to join the company’s portfolio, and the solutions are thought to offer service engineers and other personnel safe and comfortable access over a range of rooftop obstacles like pipes, ducts and cable trays.

Caddy and Fixmart have worked together for a number of years, and it is great news that the leading construction M&E and HVAC supplier has added the Step Over and Walkways solution to their product offerings.  Fixmart understands how important the safe access offered by these solutions is on site and by working with the manufacturer it is hoped that the solution offered is more comprehensive and efficiently delivered. The partnership means that Fixmart can offer their clients a tailor made modular solution that will provide full assurance and meet specification. The new solutions that will be offered as a result of this partnership will reduce the amount of labour required to install similar walkways and access, with a world-class, safe and easy to assemble solution.


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