Howarth Timber and Building Supplies Local MP Visit


Howarth Timber and Building Supplies has welcomed the Wakefield MP, Mary Creagh to their branch at Doncaster Road in Wakefield. Mrs. Creagh is currently serving as the chair of the Environmental Audit Committee and during her visit to the branch met up with the long serving branch manager David Storey.

David Storey provided an overview of Howarth Timber’s recently-completed investments that have been made in order to give Howarth at Home kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showrooms a makeover. The investment into the show rooms has made it easier for the company to fulfill customer’s orders.

The local MP, Mary Creagh has also spoken to young people that are benefitting from Howarth Timber’s graduate scheme, and discussing with the marketing and product development manager, Neale Brewster and Nick Howarth, the managing director about the different ways that the company is meeting the construction industry challenges being faced by the company.

Mary had at tour of the two and a quarter acre site and has said that her visit was interesting. It is great to see the government get behind an established company management to meet a range of different needs and requirements. Howarth Timber was operating at the cutting edge of the construction industry and is able contribute to the economy in Wakefield as well as the national economy. The MP was pleased of the work put into the branch by the Branch Manager, David Storey and the rest of the staff working there.

Howarth Timber is a company that will be impacted by Brexit, the skills gap apparent in the construction industry, and the pending implementation of Clean Air Zones in cities across the North of England. If these challenges do impact on Howarth Timber, there could be a number of smaller construction companies and contractors who rely on Howarth as a local merchant.


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