Gilberts Delivers new Ventilation System to Speedy Build College

The first Sixth Form College in Doncaster is expected to open in September. The 9,450 sq. m. New College in Doncaster will be managed by the New Collaborative Learning Trust. The college has seen an amazing turn around as it has been constructed in just 13 months. A feature in the new college is the state of the art ventilation solution that has been delivered by Gilberts Blackpool in order to create a fresh and conditioned internal environment to make sure students and teachers are comfortable while working.

The college has cost £20 million to build and Gilberts has delivered their ventilation system in accordance with the needs of the project collaboration with BAM Design and BAM Construction. The end result is one product which has been able to deliver a commercially viable alternative to other ventilating and heating solutions.

Throughout the college there is a total of 62 of Gilbert’s’ standard MFS256 hybrid ventilation units. Every one of these units have been fitted with a heat coil. Of these 62 units, 51 have been incorporated into the windows and use Gilberts’ window mounted louvre as well as a registered design that uses a split up/down louvre blade in order to boost the efficiency of the air movement through the classroom.

In order to adapt their systems to the unique requirements of the science rooms, Gilberts installed a controls logic for the ventilation units that have been installed in those areas. This logic is connected to the gas in order to make sure that the gas cannot be turned on until the ventilation system is in operation, and then continues to automatically supply extra fresh air when the fume cupboards in the science rooms are opened.

Eight MFS-V turrets have been installed by Gilbert’s on the roof in order to provide better natural ventilation to the sports hall and the first two floors of teaching areas.


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