Considerations for Shot Blaster Purchase


The Boeing Everett factory is the largest building in the world. The aeroplane assembling facility is located in Washington and needs constant upkeep in order to ensure that the optimal level of production is maintained. Part of this maintenance includes the 398,000 square meter floor space. To carry out such a large and constant maintenance job, the contractors working at the factory need to make sure that the right equipment is used to deliver efficient maintenance to the facility.

National Flooring Equipment is a supplier of surface preparation equipment and Dave Bigham, the Director of Global Training at the company is a ware of the main factors that all contractors need to consider when carrying out maintenance work, and renting shot blasters. It is vital that any size surface preparation job, from small residential jobs to working on the Boeing factory floor, the correct equipment is essential.

Shot Blasters are considered to be efficient pieces of equipment when carrying out surface preparations. Used to strip older coatings as well as clean and profile a floor, shot blasters can carry out a range of different maintenance processes in one step, making maintenance of larger spaces such as the Boeing Everett factory in Washington quicker and easier to complete. Another positive of shot blasters iis that there is very little cleanup required, which means that the contractors can immediately apply a new coating on to the freshly prepared floor.

However for contractors it is important to consider the size of the blaster required for the job in order to get the best production rate without issues with access. It is also important for the purchase of a shot blaster to have a good return on investment, as those with larger sized equipment available already are more likely to be chosen for larger contracts, while smaller blasters can still be useful for moving around tight spaces and corners. It is also vital that contractors consider accessibility to the site and as well as power source accessibility and the correct tooling.


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