VIP Polymers Ltd Awarded UK Patent for New Segment Gasket


VIP Polymers Ltd has been awarded a UK patent for a cast-in rubber gasket corner joint system which has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of tunnel segment cracking taking place whilst being installed. The new compliant and compressible corner that has been awarded a UK patent makes sure that there is a consistent load performance along the entire perimeter of the tunnel segment gasket.

This new rubber gasket removes the risk of a buildup of pressure created on one or more of the gasket’s corners during the installation which could then lead to the segment cracking. VIP is a company that is based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and is known for being a global leader in the manufacture of rubber seals and gaskets that are used for tunneling and the water industries.

It is great news for the well-known company that the innovative design of this new cast-in rubber gasket corner joint has been awarded with a UK patent. VIP Polymers Ltd uses this innovative corner joint across their extensive range of cast-in gaskets. It is though that there is also an international patent pending for the product.

Segments cracking during tunneling operations is known to be a significant cause for concern for tunnel designers and tunneling contractors. This challenge has been addressed directly with the development of this new corner joint which has been received favourably by the tunneling industry. The project has already been used on a number of tunneling projects and has so far achieved excellent results. The design by VIP has already been specified for use on a number of future developments.

The traditional cast-in TSGs are made with conventional shot-joint corners. During the moulding process, the rubber in these corners fill the compression cavities in the extruded corner of the gasket sections, which then leads to the creation of a solid rubber corner.


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