JCB Finance Launch new Support for SMEs


Paul Jennings, the Managing Director of JCB Finance has announced the launch of a campaign to offer more support to SMEs operating in the industrial sector when exploring external funding. New research that was commissioned by JCB Finance has uncovered that more than a quarter of those who responded to the survey who had bank loans or overdrafts said that they felt that they felt a lower level of risk to their personal assets than was explained when borrowing from the bank.


Following the results from this research, JCB Finance has launched a campaign to offer more assistance to SMEs in industry and ensure that they have better access to the funding that can help them increase their financial capital equipment without having to use the unnecessary security of their personal assets. As a part of this campaign the company will also be launching a range of exciting new services.


It is important for JCB Finance to offer their customers reassurance and understanding as well as services that have been tailored to meet their customer’s’ needs. Big banks have recently been withdrawing funding for small businesses during an uncertain period when they need it the most. JCB Finance are doing the opposite and making the effort to make sure that they can offer the support that smaller businesses need to thrive and expand. JCB Finance are working to deliver support with asset finance, with hire purchase and leasing to help the smallest of companies to obtain the resources that are required to operate while also protecting the company’s capital.


The research carried out by the JCB Finance also emphasised the variety of different preferences that customers have in terms of the arrangement of their finance facilities. Over half of the respondents prefer face to face meetings, whereas a quarter prefers telephone conversations. The survey also showed that 41% of SMEs find it difficult to find time in conventional office hours to arrange finance, with more than half also concerned with the cyber security of such transactions. Because of this JCB Finance will be launching their Online and Sign Online platforms that will allow for the secure and convenient signing of finance agreements with no need for printing, scanning and emailing. Customers using these platforms will also be able to access details about the agreement as well as correspondence to allow them to plan their cash flow more effectively.



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